Institute for Renewable Energy Technology (in.RET)

Teaching and research in renewable energy technologies

The in.RET bundles the renewable energy activities and technical resources. Thus enables a profiled external presentation of the research and teaching focus Renewable Energy Technology at the Nordhausen University of Applied Sciences.

University teaching in the field of renewable energy technology is the main task of the in.RET. This includes the organisation of the bachelor's degree programmes in Renewable Energy Technology and Industrial Engineering for Sustainable Technologies as well as the graduate courses of the master's programmes in Energy Systems (taught in German) and Renewable Energy Systems (taught in English).

Various companies, institutions and authorities in the region and beyond are being advised on questions of energy efficiency and energy use. The institute develops energy and sustainability concepts and identifies potential savings. Numerous research projects are investigating specific technological solutions in the various application areas of renewable energies. We provide expert opinions on questions of energy supply, renewable energy technology and energy policy.

The Institute's field of activity also includes research in the diverse fields of renewable energies. In cooperation with these fields of activity, the Institute has developed 6 theses for a sustainable energy policy.

Tasks in university teaching

In the organization of university teaching, the in.RET works closely with the other degree courses in the Faculty of Engineering in order to continuously develop the courses in energy engineering offered by the faculty.

Events for professional orientation, such as the Pupils Academy, are regularly supported by in.RET.

Bachelor degree course Regenerative Energy Technology (B.Eng., taught in German)
Bachelor degree course Industrial Engineering for Sustainable Technologies (B.Eng., taught in German)
Master degree course Energy Systems (M.Eng., taught in German)
Master degree course Renewable Energy Systems (M.Eng., taught in English)