Living and studying in Nordhausen

The information below will help you to navigate in your everyday life at Nordhausen University of Applied Sciences. Also Download our brochure Welcome to Nordhausen!

How to get to Nordhausen

Nordhausen is located at the heart of Germany - in the centre of Europe. Click on How to get to Nordhausen to find out how best to reach us.


Academic year

The academic year at Nordhausen University of Applied Sciences is divided into two semesters.

The summer semester starts early April and ends in mid-August.

The winter semester runs from early October to mid-March.

Check the ►Academic Calender for the exact dates.

German Grading system

1,0-1,590-100%very good
1,6-2,575-89 %good
2,6-3,560-74 %satisfactory
3,6-4,050-59 %sufficient
>4,0>50 %failed


Confirmation of continued studies (re-enrolment)

For every semester (apart from the first one) you will need to provide the university with confirmation that you would like to continue studying here. Receipt of the ►semester payment before the payment deadline is deemed confirmation of continued studies.

If you are not planning to or are unable to continue your studies at this time, you can submit an application to the ►Student Service Centre for leave of absence or ex-matriculation.


Language courses

The ►Language Centre offers language courses in English, French, Spanish, Italian and Russian.

International students also have the option of taking courses in German as a foreign language.


Thoska – student ID

The Thuringian University and Student Services Card (thoska) is your student ID.

The thoska chip card also has a number of other functions:

  • Library card
  • Semester ticket for regional trains in Thuringia as well as buses and trams within Nordhausen
  • Photocopying card
  • Cashless payment in student canteens and in the laundrettes on the campus

Click here for further details of how the thoska chip card works.


"StuRa" (Studierendenrat)

►StuRa is the student council. Its members are elected annually by all students and represent the interests of students at Nordhausen University of Applied Sciences.

If you need help with anything or have suggestions for improvements, feel free to contact the student council at any time.


Please note that the International Office does not provide or organise any accommodation for international students. You need to search and secure accommodation in Nordhausen by yourself.

For this reason we are providing information about accomodation options in Nordhausen:

1. Residential Homes of the Studierendenwerk Thüringen:

here you will find fully furnished rooms in various sizes and prices directly located on the campus. The numbers of rooms and places are limited, so you have to apply (application form) well in advance. If a room is available, you will be notified by Studierendenwerk Thüringen approx. one month before your desired moving date to complete all neccessary formalities and signing the contract. Should you need further information, please check the Application-FAQs.

You have moved in the dormitory and further questions? Contact the dorm tutors, these are students who have been living in the hall of residence for some time and can advise you.

2. Private accommodation options in Nordhausen

The free housing market in Nordhausen also offers accommodation options for students in all price ranges. Students in Germany often choose to live in shared apartments (known as "WGs" = "Wohngemeinschaften"). Every student in the apartment has their own (bed)room, only the bathroom and kitchen are shared. This is not only a good way to save money but also to make new friends and socialise.
If you prefer to rent a one or two-room apartment, kindly note that these are on the pricier side and often non-furnished. Utilities, such as heating and electricity must be paid seperately and according to consumption.

Available rooms and apartments are advertised offline (notification boards in the university) and online, e.g. on the following external websites/ plattforms:

3. Temporary Accomodation Options

Should you arrive in Nordhausen earlier and/ or not secured any accomodation yet, you might check out (and book) temporary accommodation options here or on the common booking portals.

Leisure time

The International Office of Nordhausen University of Applied Sciences regularly offers a number of International activities during the semester. You can meet new people, irrespective of your study programme and background, and find new friends.

If you’re looking to get some exercise and meet people who are into the same sports at the same time, there are many great opportunities to take part in university sports (free of charge).

You love singing? Join our university choir!

Participation and volunteering in clubs and initiatives of the university not only provide you with the ideal opportunity to network, but also enriches you by gaining valuable experience. will not only enlarge your network, but also benei to choose from.

Finally, the town of Nordhausen itself also offers a wide range of leisure activities - for the newest information and updates, check the official Website of Nordhausen.

Childcare for student parents

Nordhausen University of Applied Sciences is a family-friendly university. Flexible study models and child-friendly premises make it much easier to combine studying and childcare commitments. Nordhausen students can register their children in our campus daycare centre. The university canteen also provides free children’s meals


You can also find a lot of interesting and helpful information about student life in Germany on the website