Bachelor degree course: Automation and Electronics Engineering

Are you interested in technology and the use of latest tools to design automation systems while developing electronic circuits and devices? You don’t only want to commit yourself to one single industry, but to acquire a sound knowledge in all areas?

The bachelor degree course Automation and Electronics Engineering at Nordhausen University offers you the opportunity to do so. Practice-oriented, you will learn how to handle state-of-the-art development tools in control engineering. The design and simulation of electronic circuits and devices are also part of the curriculum, which prepares you for your future profession.

Automation and Electronics Engineering: An ideal and future-proof combination

Thanks to our well-developed network of industry contacts in Germany and abroad, practical training and a practical phase during your bachelor's thesis in a company are guaranteed. In addition, you also have a good chance to be employed in one of these companies after graduation.

Have you already made a decision?

Applications are again possible from April 15 of each year.

Why should you study at Nordhausen University of Applied Sciences?

The link between automation and electronics engineering exists in this form only at Nordhausen University of Applied Sciences. Another plus is the special offer "development and construction of aerial robots", which is also offered only in Nordhausen. The combination of two majors offers you a variety of opportunities to apply your knowledge after graduation.

Career prospects

Since you decide to study at an interdisciplinary level, you will have the opportunity to work in automation or electronics engineering and production after graduation. In addition, you will also be optimally prepared for a cross-departmental activity that will open you a few doors, especially in connection with the catchword "Industry 4.0", in which automation, electronics and information technology merge.

Numerous national and international industrial contacts of the university ensure a practical training, a practical phase with a bachelor thesis in a company as well as a very good placement rate of graduates, which are assigned to the urgently needed group MINT (MINT = mathematicians, engineers, natural scientists and technicians).


Entry requirements

In order to study Automation and Electronics Engineering (B.Eng.) at Nordhausen University of Applied Sciences, you need a general university entrance qualification, a subject-specific higher education entrance qualification, university of applied sciences entrance qualification or an equivalent recognized degree.


Course structure

The students gain knowledge, skills and abilities for:

  • the analysis of processes and arrangements, their modeling and simulation
  • the computer-aided design of automation systems
  • the application of sensors, actuators, information and communication technology as well as electronics
  • the interdisciplinary approach when working on projects
  • the design of analog and digital circuits, their modeling and simulation
  • the design of printed circuit boards using modern design tools
  • the development of software and firmware
  • the device-technical system integration taking into account the environmental conditions (climatic influences, type tests)
  • the selection and mastery of electronic technology in the manufacturing process

Is Automation and Electronics Engineering the right degree course for me?

The AEE degree course is your best choice if you

  • want to develop robots and machine controls
  • want to design smart controls for the living area
  • want to develop electronic home appliances and consumer electronics
  • want to develop electronics for vehicles, aircraft, locomotives and ships
  • want to design power electronic assemblies for power and regenerative engineering
  • want to design communication technology, computer technology and programs
  • want to develop electronic assemblies for weather observation and environmental monitoring, electronics for health monitoring and improvement of living conditions

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