Taking up a course of study is one of your first major personal decisions. We, the Nordhausen University of Applied Sciences, appreciate your interest in studying at our university. Here you will find information about the application process.

Every year, starting April 15, you can apply for a bachelor's or master's degree program at Nordhausen University of Applied Sciences. Please note different or additional application deadlines for Master's programs. The application deadlines can be found under online application.

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Study offer

Our course offerings include 15 bachelor's degree programs, 15 master's degree programs, and five continuing education programs in two departments. read more

Academic advising

You are still unsure and need a consultation? Make an appointment! read more

International prospective students

Information for prospective students from outside Germany is available from the International Office. read more

Application study college

You have a conditional admission to study in Germany and need an assessment test? read more

Studying with a disability or chronic illness

How does the university support students with disabilities or chronic illness? read more

Study with child

Can I study with a child? Are there possibilities to accommodate the child during the courses? read more

Study without high school diploma

I don't have a high school diploma. Can I still study? read more

Guest listeners

I am interested in a particular lecture. Can I attend it without being enrolled? read more

Online application

Read the instructions for the online application. Which documents are required? read more

After approval

What happens after the admission notice? read more

FAQ application

Do you still have questions? Here you will find answers. read more