How can you finance your degree course?

Please note the BAföG - funding is mainly for German citizens. Nevertheless those who live in Germany without a German passport can in certain cases receive BAföG. Please contact our contact persons below to discuss your personal case.


The German Federal Training Assistance Act (BAföG) ensures equal opportunities for education. The BAföG funding is based on personal financial needs, which includes the student's financial situation, his or her parent's and partner's financial resources. Applying for BAföG raises many questions. We always recommend that you submit your application in full and in advance to avoid delays in allocation. Detailed information can be found on the BAföG-website (in German) or on the Federal Ministry of Education and Research website (in English).

You can also contact the Office for Educational Support of the Studierendenwerk Thüringen. Here, you will find experienced contact persons who can help you with questions about BAföG. The Studierendenwerk Thüringen has set up a BAföG-office on the Nordhausen University of Applied Sciences campus (House 8).

BAföG contact persons

Initial letters of surname A - Hof
Isabel Wienbreyer
Tel.: +49 3631 420-889

Initial letters of surname Hog - Mo
Andrea Neblung
Tel.: +49 3631 420-740

Initial letters of surname Mp - Z
Tonia Kaftan
Tel.: +49 3631 420-882

Further scholarships for international students

Nordhausen University of Applied Sciences awards grants to highly motivated international students from funds from the DAAD-funded STIBET program. A prerequisite for a grant is that the students have performed well, but also distinguish themselves through their outstanding commitment in the international context at their university. Further Information as well as Applications can be found at the International Office section.

Furthermore the DAAD has a comprehensive scholarship database.