Thuringian University and Studierendenwerk Card (thoska)

thoska is a multi-functional chip card that makes managing and payment processes more efficient and customer-friendly. The invisible and contactless chip installed in the card enables the contactless transfer of data between the thoska partners and the user based on the Mifare technology. The Mifare chip consists of lockable "data drawers". For each "drawer" a secret "key" guarantees a high protection against access and misuse of the data.

Which functions can I use with the thoska?

  • student ID
  • Library user card
  • Semester ticket (Thuringia ticket DB Regio)
  • Public transport ticket Nordhausen (since summer semester 2013) - please note the validity range here
  • Semester ticket PLUS
  • copy card
  • Cashless payment in canteens and cafeterias (at Thuringian universities)
  • Update of the validity period of the student ID after confirmation at the validation station

Library user card

To use thoska as a library card, it must be activated in the library.


The purse is an area of thoska's chip. A monetary value can be added or removed from this area. This purse can be filled up with special "revaluators" via a cash deposit or by debiting from your bank card (minimum 10 Euro to maximum 50 Euro). The transactions of are free.

The coffers of the cafeteria have card readers, which can deduct a monetary value from these purses.

Where can I charge my purse?

There is a cash machine in the cafeteria, one cashless machine is located in Foyer House 18 (next to the validation unit) and in the cafeteria building.


Observe the following instructions when handling the thoska chip card to prevent it from being damaged or rendered inoperable:

  • The chip card must not be bent.
  • The chip card should not be kept in your back pocket or purse. It is recommended to use an appropriate plastic sleeve for this purpose.
  • Avoid exposing the chip card to temperatures above 35°C. For example, do not leave it in the glove compartment of a car or on the shelf behind the windshield in summer.
  • Please take care not to leave the chip card in clothing and thus possibly expose it to a cleaning cycle in the washing machine.
  • Also, do not use the chip card as an ice scraper.
  • The chip card should be kept clean. Please do not use the card and bring it into contact with food at the same time.
  • In short, the chip card should be handled with the same care as if it were a bank or ec card!