Family friendly university

Child and campus - why not?

Students and employees with children or relatives in need of care are faced with the particular challenge of fulfilling the work at the university and the family obligations equally.

Nordhausen University of Applied Sciences sees itself as a family-conscious university and supports students and employees with suitable conditions, so that the balancing act between study / work and family responsibilities succeeds. We offer for example:

  • counseling services
  • family friendly study organization
  • flexible working time development
  • Campus nursery
  • Baby changing station
  • Family-friendly services provided by the Studierendenwerk Thüringen on the campus of the university

The basis for this is the family concept, which is anchored in the mission statement of the university. According to this, a family exists wherever long-term care or nursing responsibility for children, partners or dependent relatives is assumed.

The compatibility of studies / work and family can be very different - we strive to find solutions for your personal situation and your needs. The Family and Gender Equality Officer as well as the Gender Equality Advisory Board of the University of Applied Sciences Nordhausen are here to help you.