Certificate of Intercultural Competence

You think internationally, travel a lot, like to have people from other cultures around you or are always there when there is something new to see?

We are looking for people like you.

Get involved in the International Office, go abroad or take part in voluntary intercultural courses and in return receive the Certificate of Intercultural Competence (called "ZIK").


The certificate is currently being revised.

The requirements for receiving the ZIK will be announced on this page soon.

Which intercultural activities can be approved for the certificate?

The intercultural activities that can be approved for the certificate can be divided into three categories. These are: international study or training periods, intercultural courses and intercultural volunteering. You need to participate in activities from at least two out of these three categories.

International study or training periods mean studies or internships in other countries. They can be approved for the certificate if your stay took at least one semester (studies) or three months (internships) and if you have handed in a report to the International Office. If you have a university entrance qualification from another country than Germany, we can approve your studies or internships in Germany. In this case we ask you to hand in a report about your experiences in Germany.

Intercultural courses can be all extracurricular courses such as language courses or lectures with an intercultural context. Also the participation in the International Project Week or in Summer/Winter Schools can be approved in this category. If you have any doubts concerning your courses, please contact the International Office.

Intercultural volunteering comprises all activities in an intercultural context that are not part of your curriculum. This could be the participation in our Buddy Programme, the organisation of the International Get-together and/or the Language Exchange Programme, as well as voluntary intercultural activties outside of the university campus. These activities can be approved for the certificate if you have been involved into them for at least one semester. Please hand in an attestation and a short review about your activities.

NEW: For those of you who are going abroad for one or more semesters (study and/or internship), a proof of participation in the Buddy Programme for min. one semester is mandatory.

Additionally, all students have to take part in an Intercultural Training in order to receive the certificate. The trainings are organised by the International Office.

Do not forget: The activities can only be approved for the certificate if you took part in them during the time you were enrolled at the University of Applied Sciences Nordhausen.

What does the certificate look like?

On your Certificate of Intercultural Competence you will find a list of all your intercultural activities during your studies in Nordhausen (with name and period). You will receive the certificate in two languages: once in German, once in English.

How do I apply for the certificate?

The International Office is in charge of the Certificate of Intercultural Competence.

And that's how it works:

  1. You register for the course "Zertifikat Interkulturelle Kompetenz" in Moodle. Thus, you are formally registered for the certificate and you get access to all necessary forms and documents.
  2. You participate in intercultural activities and lectures. Do not forget to ask for attending attestations (only in case there is no document that proves your attendance such as a grading sheet).
  3. When you have collected all attestations, please fill in the form of application. Subsequently, please come to the International Office in order to hand in your papers. Please bring all documents in original (no photocopies).
  4. We approve your application and inform you as soon as your certificate is ready for collection.