Mission statement and strategy of Nordhausen University of Applied Sciences

Mission statement

Our university

Nordhausen University of Applied Sciences is a young, ambitious campus university offering high-quality education and research. Our basis is a liberal-democratic understanding. Respectful and appreciative interaction is our claim, which applies equally to all members of the university.

Responsibility and sustainability

We are committed to our social, economic and ecological responsibility and to the sustainability of our actions in all areas of the university. Respect for the equality of men and women, for people with disabilities or chronic illnesses, and support for families wherever long-term duties are assumed by university members are a matter of course for us. We reject discrimination of any kind and counter it resolutely.

Regional roots and internationality

We are open-minded and tolerant, we promote the acquisition of international experience, intercultural competence and language skills of students and teachers. With many activities, we offer an open university for the people in our environment. Internationally recognized degrees, diverse university partnerships and international projects are a flagship of our university. At the same time, we feel particularly committed to our region. We maintain extensive cooperations with companies, organizations and administrations and strive for their continuous expansion.

Teaching and learning

We make a significant contribution to the personal development of our students in terms of motivation, sense of responsibility and professionalism. We offer a highly individualized and good teaching and learning environment with excellent infrastructure and student support. The offer of high-quality continuing education consolidates our good reputation in the field. The promotion of gifted students and career orientation are important components of what we do. Successful graduates are our benchmark.

Research and innovation

We see ourselves as innovators. This is ensured by application-oriented and interdisciplinary research, knowledge and technology transfer as well as research networks. Our research results provide the impetus for the future-oriented further development of our range of courses, for the qualification and reputation of the specialist disciplines and for the scientific and economic growth of the region.


We promote the identification of our students with the university through committed cooperation. We offer our teachers, researchers and staff a good and performance-promoting environment. Performance and motivation of students, faculty and staff as well as common goal orientation and communication result in comprehensive and high-quality education and science. Studying, teaching and working at Nordhausen University of Applied Sciences is fun!

Strategy of Nordhausen University 2030


Based on its mission statement, Nordhausen University of Applied Sciences sets itself ten strategic goals:

  1. excellence and innovation in teaching
  2. research as an innovation driver for the region
  3. future-oriented and agile university organization
  4. identification with the university
  5. good work
  6. equal opportunities and non-discrimination
  7. regional and supraregional impulses for business, administration, politics and society
  8. internationalization
  9. ecological, social and economic sustainability
  10. shaping the digital transformation