Practical relevance in the course of studies

In the bachelor's degree program in Digital Product Management, you will continuously gain practical experience from the second semester onwards through project modules and the professional internship semester. In this way, we enable you to gain a high level of practical relevance and to link the contents you have learned. In addition to these curricularly anchored practical experiences, the further courses are strongly oriented towards the problems of practice


Project modules

During your studies, you will have the opportunity to apply the specialist skills you have learned to a practical context in five project modules. Here you will develop a problem solution for a practice partner based on a concrete practical example or work on an extensive case study in the subject area. The work is done both in small groups and individually.

Great course of study. Includes all the important skills to help shape the digital future!

Daniel Kohler, Digital Product Manager at CHECK24 (May 2020)

Professional internship

The professional internship is a training period that is integrated into the Digital Product Management degree program, regulated by the university, defined in terms of content, supervised and accompanied by lectures, and which is usually carried out in a company or in another institution of professional practice for a period of at least 20 weeks.

The aim of the practical semester is to link studies and professional practice. On the basis of the knowledge acquired in the first stage of studies, skills in the application of knowledge and practical experience are to be imparted and the handling of concrete problems in the intended professional field is to be made possible.

More details about the approval, implementation and recognition of the professional internship are regulated by the internship regulations and the examination regulations of the Digital Product Management degree program.

The seminar on the practical semester serves as a professional accompaniment to the practical studies as well as a professional and scientific preparation of the report on the practical semester; in addition, it serves as a professional and scientific preparation for the presentation of the knowledge gained during the practical studies. The content and scope of the report on the internship semester are determined by the respective mentor on the basis of the guidelines submitted by the internship officer.


HIKE - Hochschulinkubator für Entrepreneurship (University incubator for entrepreneurship)

Or would you like to work on your own idea during your studies? HIKE, the university incubator for entrepreneurship at Nordhausen University of Applied Sciences, offers the right support for this. From the idea to the startup in one semester - experts accompany founding teams from finding solutions to building prototypes to finding suitable investors. In addition, the HIKE team offers various events such as workshops, pitch nights and key notes on the topic of startups. More information about the program and how to participate can be found on HIKE's website and Instagram.

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