A step-by-step guide to studying abroad

If you would like to study abroad, you should begin preparations early (12-18 months in advance). For instance, if you are planning to spend your third semester abroad, you should get in touch with the International Office in the first semester of your course. Please take a look at the timeline first. This shows you exactly what steps need to be taken and when.

A step-by-step guide to studying abroad

1. Obtain information about studying abroad and partner universities.

2. Go to information sessions on studying abroad (keep an eye out for e-mails).

3. Make an appointment with the International Office on Moodle.

4. Fill in the consultation form and print it out (please remember to bring your consultation form with you.).

5. Read the information on data protection for the use of "Mobility Online".

6. Fill in the Online Application Form, print it out and submit a signed copy of this to the International Office.

   For Erasmus: internal application deadline for Nordhausen University of Applied Sciences is the 1st of February for the following academic year.

   For PROMOS: internal application deadline for Nordhausen University of Applied Sciences is the 15th of January for the summer semester and the 15th of June for the winter semester (including the additional documents).

7. Fill in the Learning Agreement and contact the responsible person in the faculty in order to approve it (WiSo - approval by the responsible person of the examining board; Engineering - approval by Dean of Studies). Afterwards send it the International Office.

    For Erasmus+

    For PROMOS / Free Mover


8. If required, submit a language certificate provided by the relevant language teacher.

9. Fill in the application of the relevant partner university (wait for information from the International Office.).

10. If applicable: Hand in the documents that are necessary for Erasmus or Promos funding (see online application system for more details).

11. Participate in the final information session and receive the document folder.

Steps to be taken while studying abroad

  1. Make a note of any changes in the ECTS Learning Agreement and send to the person responsible for the programme (who will forward this to the International Office) for approval.
    For ERASMUS+
    For PROMOS/freemover
  2. Before you return, have the Erasmus Coordinator at your host university sign your Letter of Confirmation as proof that you have completed your studies.

What to do after your studies abroad

  1. Write a report about your stay and submit it to the International Office or record a short video with information about your studies abroad. We need your permission to publish either the report or the video on our website.
  2. Submit your Letter of Confirmation to the International Office.
  3. Erasmus+: Participate in the EU Online Survey and the OLS language assessment.
  4. Once you receive your Transcript of Records from the partner university, fill in the ECTS Grade conversion Form and hand this in to the International Office along with the original Transcript of Records. The grades are converted using a grade conversion table approved by the Comitee of International Relations of the Nordhausen University of Applied Sciences.