There are various opportunities for international students to finance their living costs.

    Working while studying

    Part-time job

    International students are allowed to work for 120 full days or 240 half days within a calendar year. However, this work may neither impede on the purpose of your stay (studying) nor may extend the duration of your stay.

    Only the actual working days are counted (including weekends). If the work does not exceed four or five hours per day, it is counted as half a day. A regular working day of 8 hours means 4 hours half day; a regular working day of 10 hours means 5 hours half day.

    If you work more than 120 full days or 240 half days per calendar year, you should obtain the approval of the immigration authorities before.

    Employment as student/scientific assistant

    Student and scientific activities can be carried out without requiring approval and without time limits. This includes activities in the faculties of the university, at other scientific institutions, participation in research projects and also employment in organizations close to the university (such as tutors in dormitories of the Studierendenwerk).

    Internships while studying

    Mandatory internships

    A mandatory internship does not require approval if it is a required part of your studies (even if it is paid). This also includes the writing of final theses at a company. The 120 full/240 half working days that do not require approval are not affected and can be used additionally.

    Voluntary internships

    Voluntary internships are not a part of the curriculum and you will need to make sure that the 120 full working days have not yet been used up by other employment. If the 120 working days have already been used up, voluntary internships require a permit, even if they are unpaid. In that case, you must apply for the necessary permit with the immigration authorities.

    Scholarship for international students and researchers in distress due to the war in Ukraine

    The scholarship for international students and researchers in distress due to the war in Ukraine of the STIBET I programme is an initiative of the DAAD, funded by the Federal Foreign Office. The scholarship is intended for international students and researchers who had to flee as a result of the war in Ukraine, are in financial distress or are unable to return to their home country. This also applies to citizens of other nations, explicitly including Russian or Belarusian students and researchers.

    In order to be eligible for this scholarship, students or researchers must have performed well academically and have also distinguished themselves by voluntary commitment at the university.

    Scholarship payments: min. 300 euros a month

    Application deadline: extended until 19th october 2022

    Documents to be submitted:

    • Application form
    • Transcript of records of the last two years (plus translated grading list, if applicable)
    • Curriculum vitae (tabular)
    • Residence permit or similar
    • Letter of motivattion with information about volunteer work and financial situation (max. 2 pages.)

    Applications in German or English must be submitted as a single PDF file to:

    Please note that scholarships can only be awarded once the final allocation of funds has been confirmed.

    Other scholarships for international students

    There are various opportunities to apply for a scholarship to study in Germany. See the German Academic Exchange Service’s scholarship database for further information.


    In some very exceptional cases, international students may be able to apply for assistance under the German Federal Training Assistance Act (BAFöG). Please contact the BAföG office.