FAQ - Frequently asked questions


Who can register? What is needed for registration?

In principle, anyone can register. To register, you need a completed registration form. You can also obtain this from the information desk in the library. We also ask you to bring your identity card or passport.

Registration is open to persons aged 16 and over. Minors under the age of 18 also need a declaration of consent from their parents with their signature.

Students of Nordhausen University of Applied Sciences also need their student ID card / Thoska card and identity card or passport.

You will receive a user card with a user number and a password that allow access to the personal user account in the Discovery Tool or in the online catalogue (OPAC).

The basis for borrowing as well as the use of the library are the user regulations and the list of charges.

My address has changed. What should I do?

Please inform the library immediately if your address changes. Otherwise, notifications about reserved media, for example, can no longer be sent to you.

What fees are charged?

No registration or user fees are charged.


What do I need for the loan?

For borrowing you need your Thoska card (students and staff), or your library card (external users).

It is not possible to borrow media should your fees amount to € 10,- or more.

How long can I borrow books and other media?

Books, electronic media and bound journals can be borrowed for 4 weeks at a time.

In addition, it is possible to renew all media three times for the same period of time, provided there is no reservation for the medium.

Books with the sticker "Not available for loan" as well as magazines and newspapers of the current year cannot be borrowed.

How many books/media can I borrow at the same time?

You can borrow a maximum of 50 media at the same time.

How often can I renew my borrowed media?

You can renew your items up to three times, provided that no items have been reserved.

How do I borrow books from the stacks/handbooks?

If you would like to borrow media that are noted in the Discovery Tool or in the OPAC with the reference "Magazine", you can order them. They will be handed over to you as soon as possible.

For media marked "Handapparat", please contact the Information Desk.

Can I also return my books by post?

You can also return your books by post. The address is:

Hochschule Nordhausen
Weinberghof 4
99734 Nordhausen

Please ensure that the packaging is adequate. You bear the shipping risk.

What happens if I exceed the loan period?

If you do not return your media on time, reminder fees will be charged. The amount of the overdue fines is based on the list of costs in the Library Regulations:

1st reminder: € 1,50 / medium
2nd reminder: € 2,50 / medium additionally
3rd reminder: € 4,00 / medium in addition + € 4,40 postage

User Account

How can I access my user account?

You can find your user account at https://hsnfind.tu-ilmenau.de/MyResearch/Profile or linked in the Discovery Tool. You will find the User Account button at the top right.

What is my user number and password?

Your user number is the 12-digit number (for students) or 10-digit number (for external users). You will find it on the back of your user card under the barcode.
Your password is your date of birth in the following form: ddmmyyy.

I have forgotten my password. What do I have to do?

Let us know if you have forgotten your password. We will reset your password to your date of birth.

I can no longer renew my books. What do I have to do?

If you can no longer renew your books, this can have several causes.

1. the books have already been renewed three times.
2. one or more of the books you have borrowed has been earmarked or reserved.
3. the loan period has been exceeded.
4. there are € 10 or more fees outstanding on your account.
5. your membership has expired.

In all cases you can no longer renew. Please get in touch with us.

Place a hold on

Can I reserve books?

Literature borrowed by other users can be reserved via the Discovery Tool or the OPAC. There is no charge for the reservation.
Students are informed by e-mail about the arrival of a reserved book.

Can another person collect my ordered/reserved books for me?

Yes. However, this person must then show your user card or Thoska card and written authorisation.

General technical informations

How does copying/printing work in the library?

For students: to be able to copy or print in the library, you must have registered once at the copier. You must also have sufficient credit on your Thoska card. You can top up your card at the machine on the ground floor of the library.

For detailed instructions on how to register at the copier, please see the notice boards.

The fees for copies are:

€ 0,04 / DIN A4 page, black and white
€ 0,07 / DIN A4 page, coloured

€ 0,08 / DIN A3 page, black and white
€ 0,14 / DIN A3 page, coloured

For external users: You have the option of purchasing a copy card for copying.

Interlibrary loan

I need a book that is not available in the university library. What can I do?

You have the option of ordering the book via interlibrary loan. To do this, you need a Nordhausen University Library user card and an online interlibrary loan account. This account will be set up for you at the information desk of the University Library before you place your first interlibrary loan order.

The minimum deposit is 1,50 €, the fee for an interlibrary loan order per book or 20 pages of copies. The fee is also due if the requested item cannot be delivered.

After the account has been set up for you, you can independently search for and order literature and articles in the K10+ union catalogue.

How long does it take for an interlibrary loan request to arrive?

If the desired book can be delivered, it usually takes about two weeks for the order to arrive. This period can vary greatly. When your interlibrary loan is there, you will be notified by e-mail. You can then collect it from the counter in the library.

How long can I borrow an interlibrary loan book?

The loan period is specified by the lending library. Pay attention to the enclosed receipts and information when you receive your order. There it is stated when you have to return the item. Please keep to this deadline, as overdue fines will also be charged for interlibrary loans returned too late.