What does your degree course cost?

From experience, we know that this topic is extremely important to many first-time students and is not infrequently used as a decision-making criterion. You have almost certainly asked yourself what a degree course at Nordhausen University of Applied Sciences costs. As you have already discovered, we enable you to study without course fees. Costs which are borne by you and other students are nevertheless incurred.

The semester contribution costs 175,44 EUR. This amount consists of five components.

Student welfare organisation contribution

74.00 EUR

local transport ticket (train, DB Regio Thuringia)

47,74 EUR

ticket for bus and tram in Nordhausen

28.70 EUR

Students' union contribution

05.00 EUR

thoska for first time enrollment

20.00 EUR

Total (for first time enrollment)

155,44 EUR (175,44 EUR)

With your contribution, you help Nordhausen University of Applied Sciences to carry on admitting students.

The semester contribution is charged for each semester. In this regard, we inform you in good time that the contribution is due within an appropriate period of grace. In this context, we ask you not to exceed the specified payment period, as payment of the semester contribution is a vital prerequisite for your successful matriculation or feedback. Further information can be found in the Nordhausen University of Applied Sciences matriculation regulations (pdf, this file is only available in German) and in § 4 of the Thuringian university fee and charge act (ThürHGEG).

Terms of payment

Please transfer the semester contribution to us, using the account details listed below. On the remittance form, please note your matriculation number and the corresponding semester (SS for summer semester or WS for winter semester) for which you are paying the contribution.


University Nordhausen




DE29 8205 0000 3001 1113 39


Landesbank Hessen-Thüringen

Payment reason

name, first name; matrikel

Are you a first-time student and have not yet received a matriculation number? Then simply state the study programme for which you have applied to be admitted.

Long-term course fees

If your studies exceed the standard period of study by more than four semesters, long-term study fees of 500 Euro per semester are due. Detailed information can be found in § 4 of the ThürHGEG or on the website of the Study Service Center.

Payment of the fees is not due until you have received a fee notification by post!