Copying, Printing and Scanning


There are 2 multifunctional devices available in the university library.

Copying, printing (also from a USB stick) and scanning are possible on the multifunction devices. One device is located on level 1 and one on level 3.

The cost for a black and white A4 copy is €0.04, for a colour A4 copy €0.07. Payment is made via the Thoska card, the corresponding recharging device is located in the entrance areaof the library in building 19.

Before using the Thoska card for the first time, it must be activated on one of the multifunctional devices with your university account.

External users of the university library have the possibility to purchase a copy card at the information desk.



All students at the university have the possibility to print via the PCs in the library. The printer to which the documents must be sent is called PCounter. As soon as the print job has been sent, you will be asked to confirm it with your university user account. Only then can you retrieve the printout on the device.


There are 2 book scanners in the university library with which it is possible to scan media and documents quickly and free of charge. All you need to use them is a USB stick on which the scanned file can be saved.

One book scanner each is located on level 0 and level 4.

Furthermore, it is also possible to scan via the multifunction devices in levels 1 and 3.