Using e-media at home (Shibboleth)

Members of Nordhausen University of Applied Sciences can use Shibboleth to access licensed electronic services (databases, journals or e-books) from outside the university campus.

With a single sign-on, members of the university can use various services regardless of their current location. The type of device used (e.g. laptop, tablet PC or smartphone) is irrelevant.


Registration takes place after calling up the respective publication or database.


  1. The login is done via the institution "Hochschule Nordhausen". Therefore, click on phrases such as "Institutional Login", "Select your region or group" or "Shibboleth Login".
  2. Select Nordhausen University of Applied Sciences from the list of institutions offered.
  3. In the following login screen, you will be asked for the user name and a password. These are identical to those of your e-mail account.
  4. The conditions of participation for Shibboleth only have to be accepted the first time. When registering with a provider for the first time, a note on the transferred data (digital ID card) is displayed, which must be confirmed again.
  5. After successful registration, various electronic publications from different providers can now be used without the need to log in again.



Logging out takes place automatically when you close your internet browser completely.


At present, access to the following services is possible: