Social Management (B.A.)

The Bachelor degree course Social Management consists of a combination of basic business knowledge and socio-economic thinking and strategies. This combination enables you to form the interface between profitability and social action, and can balance the social development of an organization with its economic viability. It opens up a variety of opportunities for your future career.

Career prospects

The career prospects for graduates with social management skills are manifold.

Job creation opportunities open up at the organizational level of social work directly with providers such as the work of the elderly and the handicapped, the endangerment and addiction care, child and youth work and rehabilitation and rehabilitation. Not only with local agencies, but also in associations at state and federal level. In addition to these fields of work, the knowledge and skills of young social welders are also in demand in the health sector, within occupational (re) integration measures and organizations, both in integration services providers, in public authorities and in vocational training.

In the health sector, it is not just the hospitals, but also health insurance funds and associations that hold interesting, challenging tasks for graduates with this profile, which can be acquired in the degree course Social Management in Nordhausen.

Foundations and the so-called NGO's complete the range of professional perspectives described here. These are human rights and refugee organizations and other organizations established in Europe or internationally, for example with tasks on issues of Europe-wide standards in disability assistance, the integration of minorities or in disaster relief and rescue services. Here, the management skills and abilities in such fields are primarily those that are helpful in the organizations to meet the requirements of everyday business properly and professionally, to develop answers to questions, initiate and coordinate projects, gain information and prepare So to work specifically and much more. Key words here are planning, control, procurement, implementation and control.

The levels at which graduates of this degree course find employment opportunities in the above-mentioned work areas and organizations are equally the administration, assistance and staff functions, as well as project developers and staff, as well as coordination and networking.

With further life and work experience, other tasks will surely be open. In addition, the degree course and the professional qualification provide a solid and broad starting point for many professional development paths.

Entry requirements

General higher education entrance qualification, subject-specific higher education entrance qualification

Course structure

The goal of the degree course Social Management at Nordhausen University of Applied Sciences is the merging of business and social thinking. Therefore, the focus of the study content is on the following topics:

  • Introduction to the social economy
  • Sociological basics
  • Fundamentals of Social Work
  • Business basics
  • Basics of accounting
  • Organization and personnel management
  • Financial management
  • Civic engagement
  • Controlling
  • Law
  • Leadership and organizational development
  • Marketing in the social economy

The theoretical knowledge that you acquire during your studies can be applied and developed during your practical semester. The internship can be completed in Germany or abroad and prepares you for independent work in the management area.

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