Guest auditor

I would like to become a guest student - What do I have to do?

The Nordhausen University of Applied Sciences offers interested citizens of the Nordhausen region the opportunity to seek inspiration for extra- or part-time activities, to not let their own life experiences and knowledge lie fallow, and to seek contact with teaching and research. With the guest auditor offer, you can further your education in individual fields of knowledge without striving for a formal degree.

There are no restrictions on participation in terms of age, a specific degree or professional status. Anyone who wants to engage in challenging intellectual activity is welcome.

Course selection may be based on personal interests. Admission does not entitle the student to take examinations. In consultation with the lecturers, a certificate of attendance can be issued.

Admission to the corresponding courses takes place in consultation with the deans of studies within the framework of the available study opportunities. Participation in courses within the scope of laboratory practicals remains excluded.



According to § 6 of the HSN fee schedule, guest auditor fees apply:

§ 6 Guest auditor fee

(1) Guest auditors are charged a fee of 30.00 euros plus 15.00 euros per semester hour per week of the courses to which the guest auditor's studies extend. Guest students who receive social benefits or unemployment benefit II according to the third chapter of the second book of the German Social Security Code (Sozialgesetzbuch) will be waived the fee according to sentence 1 upon request.

(2) In the case of participation in material-intensive courses, the guest student must additionally pay the material costs.

(3) The fee is due at the beginning of the semester.


We would like to point out that there is no legal accident insurance coverage for participation in courses as a guest auditor.

You can apply for guest auditor status at Nordhausen University of Applied Sciences using the guest auditor application form (see Service/Studien-Service-Zentrum/Anträge und Merkblätter).


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