Steps to a Training Abroad

If you wish to do a training period abroad, you should start the organisation early (12-18 months in advance). If, for example, you plan to go abroad in the third semester, you should contact the International Office in the first semester.

Steps before your stay abroad

  1. Interest to spend a training period abroad (period/time and whether it should be combined with a study period)
  2. Decide for a working language
  3. Gather information about Training Abroad
  4. Participate in the country information events about studying abroad (pay attention to notices and e-mails)
  5. Contact former exchange students for tips and advice
  6. Make an appointment via Moodle with the International Office
  7. Fill in and print the consultation form
  8. Consultation in the International Office (Do not forget to bring the consultation form.)
  9. Final decision for a training abroad
  10. Possibly: Issuance of a language certificate by your language teacher.
  11. Look for a job/training.
  12. Application for the training
  13. Read the Data Protection Information for Using "Mobility Online"
  14. Fill in the Online Application Form, print it and submit a signed form to the International Office
  15. Fill in the Training Agreement, print it, make it sign by all parties and submit it to the International Office
  16. Complete the grant agreement for an Erasmus grant (with the International Office)
  17. Download the the Checklist before departure for your training period abroad.

Steps during your stay abroad

  1. Start your training
  2. Before leaving make the internship company sign the Letter of Confirmation to confirm the completion of your training abroad or have it issued by a training certificate

Steps after your stay abroad

  1. Return from your training period abroad
  2. Participate in the EU online survey (you will receive a request by e-mail)
  3. Write your report and hand it in to the International Office
  4. Submit the "Letter of Confirmation" to the International Office