A step-by-step guide to internships abroad

If you are thinking about doing an internship abroad, you should begin preparations early (12-18 months in advance). For instance, if you are planning to spend your third semester abroad, you should get in touch with the International Office during the first semester of your course.

A step-by-step guide to internships abroad

1. Obtain information about internships abroad

2. Go to information sessions on internships abroad.

3. Make an appointment with the International Office via Moodle.

4. Fill in the consultation form and print it (Please remember to bring your consultation form with you): PDF version

5. Search for an internship, e.g. by researching the Internet or reading the reports of past internships abroad. Another possibility could be to contact IAESTE or AIESEC Jena.

6. Apply for your internship.

7. Read the information on Data protection for the use of "Mobility Online".

8. Fill in the Online Application Form and send a signed copy to the International Office.

9. Conclude your contract (Training Agreement) with the organisation offering you an internship. It needs to be signed by

  • the Internship Office (Ms. Bargfrede) and
  • the institution in which you are doing the internship.
  • Afterwards forward the fully completed Training Agreement to the International Office.

10. If applicable: Hand in the documents that are necessary for Erasmus or Promos funding (see online application system for more details).

11. Participate in the final information session and receive your document folder.

Steps to be taken during your internship abroad

Before you return, have the organisation where you did your internship sign your Letter of Confirmation and/or write you a Letter of Reference as proof that you have completed your internship abroad.

What to do after your internship abroad

  1. Write a report about your internship (for the Hochschule Nordhausen) or record a short video about your internship abroad. We need your permission to publish either the report or the video on our website.
  2. Submit your Letter of Confirmation and/or Letter of Reference to the International Office.
  3. Erasmus+: Participate in the EU-Online-Survey and the OLS language test.