Advice on energy efficiency and energy use

Energy is becoming an increasingly important cost factor not only for traditional energy-intensive production processes. For many other industrial and commercial sectors, energy costs have become an equivalent location factor to actual labour costs.

The integration of electricity from renewable energies into production processes is strongly dependent on the production process itself. Questions such as the temporal dynamics and flexibility of the production process, possible applications of combined heat and power generation or the availability of suitable locations for power generation plants and/or network infrastructure determine the achievable share of own generation.

In this context, the in.RET supports production companies and, households in the development of a regenerative electricity and heat supply. In this way, in addition to the purchase of much cheaper energy, there is the possibility of local or municipal participation in the respective project. The advantages for production operations lie in the necessary cost security and the increasingly environmentally friendly “green” production method desired by customers. Depending on the location and the specific needs of the companies, all other renewable energy sources and potential savings are taken into consideration.