The EU Chips Act and US export controls – Why governments now care about chips.

Jan-Peter Kleinhans

Stiftung Neue Verantwortung


With the global chip shortages and the intensifying US-China technology rivalry, the European Commission proposed the ‘Chips Act for Europe’ in February 2022. While not a comprehensive, long-term semiconductor strategy for Europe, the proposal feels more like a collection of initiatives across the value chain with no clear goal. The talk will assess the proposed measures in comparison to those of other major regions, such as US, Japan and China. It will furthermore explore which areas and aspects a long-term semiconductor strategy for Europe should cover, beyond subsidizing front-end fabs and monitoring the supply chain.

Short Bio

Jan-Peter Kleinhans is Head of Technology and Geopolitics at Stiftung Neue Verantwortung, a non-party, non-profit, independent tech-policy think tank in Berlin, Germany. Jan-Peter analyzes semiconductors as a strategic asset, identifies interdependencies and chokepoints in the global semiconductor value chain and develops policy recommendations how to strengthen Europe’s semiconductor ecosystem in the long-term. He studied information systems at Darmstadt University of Technology, Germany and communication theory at Uppsala University, Sweden.